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Trabasack side straps

Trabasack side straps

+ Product Description

The Trabasack Mini comes with a set of long straps but wheelchair users find these side straps useful for extra anchoring.


+ Product Specification

  • To be used with the Trabasack Mini
  • Additional side straps useful for anchoring the Trabasack to a wheelchair


Product code : TB0002

+ Product History

The company behind Trabasacks was founded by artist Clare Edwards. As an experienced traveller and busy mum, she identified a gap in the market for a portable lap tray that would be suitable to carry when travelling. Existing trays were too cumbersome. Clare decided to design a unique lap tray bag that would provide storage for essential belongings but which was also streamlined and durable. An innovative design company based in rural Leicestershire, Trabasack's aim is to deliver British designed, affordable, inclusive, quality, contemporary products that are useful to people of all abilities. Award-winning Trabasacks are their first product.

£6.95 each


  • Trabasack - laptray/bag


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