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Mohair Knee Rug - sugar plum - SOLD OUT

Mohair Knee Rug - sugar plum - SOLD OUT

+ Product Description

Treat someone close to gorgeous mohair

These rugs are simply gorgeous and guaranteed to inspire and lift spirits. The natural fibre of mohair is hollow and allows the colours to radiate with the most wonderful sheen. As mohair is so light and instantly warm against the skin, these rugs are perfect for people who feel the cold. A great gift for someone who is in need of a bit of comfort.


+ Product Specification

• Handwash/dry clean

• 137x100cm

• Sugar plum

• 70% mohair; 30% wool

Product code:TWC0003

+ Product History

Harry and Sarah Mayman moved back to Cornwall when they discovered they were expecting their third child. They bought the remains of a very run down farm on the edge of Bodmin Moor planning to renovate the stone barns for tourism. However during the time it took to have a baby and sort out the house and the barns, they got used to the peace and wondered what else they could do. Higher Hill Farm had previously been a successful wild boar farm but had had problems with escapees. Unfortunately after the wild boar left, most of the topsoil had gone too: the only animals Harry and Sarah could find that could live comfortably off the land were goats and the only goats they could find that wouldn't jump over the fences were angora goats which produce mohair. It only took a winter in their freezing, drafty stone farmhouse, made worse by Harry's reluctance to buy heating oil, to discover the benefits of wool on their feet. And so The Wool Company was born.

£34.00 each


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