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Family Tree File by KTWO

Family Tree File by KTWO

+ Product Description

Create a family heirloom with this lovely Family Tree File

Researching your family tree may be something you do just once or you may gradually piece together information about your family over a number of years. Either way, this smart Family Tree File includes plenty of space to store letters, photos and certificates as well as useful tools and resources for helping with research. The file comes with an attractive keepsake box for storing mementos for sharing with children and grandchildren.

And if you need help prompting the memories of your family, why not also buy Many Happy Returns 1940s - a lovely box of 24 carefully researched reminiscence cards with memory - triggering photographs?

+ Product Specification

• Store and organise research into your family tree

• Comes with a keepsake box

• 24 x 23 cm


Product code:KT0005

+ Product History

KTWO Products was established in 1998 by Kerri Middleton, a product design graduate from the Glasgow School of Art. KTWO Products began life on the other side of the world. Kerri developed her first product, a Christmas Card Tree, in the back of a rusty old campervan as she travelled around Australia with her now husband. KTWO Products is now celebrating its 10th year in business and has continued to carve a niche in creating products which solve problems but also make design statements

£19.99 each


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