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Mind Dice

Mind Dice

+ Product Description

Mind Dice aims to help people with dementia communicate with their families and carers and retain their sense of self.

Each of its 12 sides has space for families and carers to supply a written "prompt". These are simply ideas to help the person with dementia engage in comfortable conversations. A prompt could be the name of a person, a place, an object, an event. Prompts can be wiped and changed.

Mind Dice is pleasant to the touch. As it is handled and rolled around, various prompts come to the fore, provoking topics for conversation.

Many people with dementia forget what happened a minute ago but often have a good recall of events long ago.


**Winner of Regional Great London Care Award** **Shortlisted for the Care Innovator Award**

+ Product Specification

• One 12-sided Mind Dice

• Green only

• H 12cm (approx)

• Includes instruction booklet, marker pen and wiping cloth

Product code:MD0001

+ Product History

Mind Dice has been designed and produced by John Sprange through his direct experience of caring for his father who had Alzheimers. John explains :"My father had a rich store of memories. He was born in 1914, the last year that horse buses ran in London. He watched and enjoyed technological advances and changes throughout his life. Towards the end he enjoyed the possibilities of my I-phone, marvelling at the pictures and capabilities of this pocket-size device.

When he died, aged 95, mixed with my grief was a sense of loss for my access to his personal connection to all those years he lived through. His eyes were in effect my personal witness to almost a whole century, and through this I had become an expert on what he knew.

In his later days, despite not recalling what happened 5 minutes before, he was able to recollect memories from long ago. Frequently he brought to mind events that placed him where he was happiest and at the height of his powers. Any repetition was often mitigated by the nuanced differences which emerged with the stories. They certainly showed his true sense of himself. I experimented with the dice, which carried, names of people, place and themes. He would sit rolling it in his hands, reading the prompts and saying. 'This is my life' with a sense of surprise."


£15.00 each


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