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The Dementia Experts

We have been very lucky to have input from two Dementia experts. Fran Hamilton is an occupational therapist at the Brighton & Sussex University NHS Trust. She has shared with our Designing for the Future students her professional expertise about dementia and the day to day challenges it presents. Sharon Marks, on the other hand


DFF 2017 gets underway

We were excited yesterday to launch Designing for the Future 2017 at the University of Brighton's newly refurbished Edward Street building. Now in its eighth year, hundreds of UK design students have taken part in this project devised by Philippa Aldrich of The Future Perfect Company to encourage designers to consider the challenges of ageing

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Dementia Workshop

Nice write up HERE from Molly Aldrich-Wincer of our recent workshop for our Designing for the Future students who are focussing on dementia. The project is progressing well and we are working with an engaged and talented group of students.