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Denise Stephens, Enabled by Design

Denise Stephens is the co-founder of Enabled by Design, a social business and community of people who are passionate about Design for All.  She believes that good design can support people to live as independently as possible, by helping to make day-to-day tasks that little bit easier and in turn more manageable Enabled by Design was inspired


First conference for Eastbourne – designed for all

The Future Perfect Company has been a member of the Eastbourne Designed for All campaign since it began. “Eastbourne Designed for All - is a campaign to help businesses in Eastbourne meet local consumers' needs more effectively. It has developed an Inclusive Design Checklist for business self-assessment. It has introduced Eastbourne's own Community Toilets


TFPC features in Yours Magazine

I am really pleased to see Yours magazine today engaging its readers in the debate about design for all (and not just because I am quoted with lovely photos of our double handled teapot and mug!). Editor Valerie McConnell recounts her recent trip to her local gym where although pleasantly surprised by her results on