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Peter Dale from South EastEngland Forum on Ageing (SEEFA) was one of our Designing for the Future judges this year and Philippa was delighted to be asked by him to join the AGE UK and SEEFA Policy Panel on Later Life and Ageing at the stunning Royal Air Force Club in London in November. SEEFA and Age UK

Student designs focus on reducing malnutrition in older adults

University of Brighton student Benson Pocock took second place in this year’s Designing for the Future Competition with his 5 Knives Concept which aims to tackle malnutrition in older people. Benson’s design is aimed at the 65+ demographic which is one of the biggest demographic cohorts today. In 2010 there were 524 million people worldwide aged

Design uses Virtual Reality in dementia care

One of the most innovative and exciting ideas to come out of this year’s Designing for the Future with the University of Brighton was Tom Meades’ project which aims to use Virtual Reality to creative immersive experiences for people living with dementia. “My project began with researching the issues of stress in people with

Students design for dementia, fall prevention and heart strain

This year’s Designing for the Future competition with the University of Brighton attracted a diverse range of entries. Runner up Nicole Andrews designed The Forget-Me-NOT!  which is aimed at, but not limited to, individuals with early stage dementia to help with memory issues. Nicole describes The Forget-Me-NOT! as follows : “Many people as they grow

Digital compass aims to tackle ageism

Joint winner of this year’s Designing for the Future with the University of Brightonwas Eli Heath who designed Pebble, a digital compass which aims to tackle ageism head on. Eli describes his project as follows: “WHAT IS IT? Pebble is a hand-held, digital compass. Pebble tackles ageist material division and prejudice within product design.

Memory Book wins student dementia challenge

Joint winner of this year’s Designing for the Future with the University of Brighton was Elicia Oliver-Knox who describes her project, Get to know Irene, here: THE PROBLEM While I was doing some research for this Dementia project, a member of staff at The Autumn Lodge Care Home mentioned that the transition period for new

Designing for the Future tackles dementia and smart technology

This year’s Designing for the Future Competition invited students from the University of Brighton’s College of Arts & Humanities to develop innovative new products and design concepts to benefit people affected by dementia. A parallel project with students studying product design investigated smart technology. In each case, students were encouraged to produce design outcomes

Art inspires Brighton schoolchildren

Jack Durling windsocks Children from Balfour Primary School in Brighton had special inspiration from an art collection from the University of Brighton when they created their own works for this year’s Open Houses Festival. Specially selected items from the Aldrich Collection of Contemporary Art were installed at the school in a mission

Catching up with some of our talented DFF alumni

We are always excited to find out to hear from our talented Designing for the Future alumni and find out what they are up to. Chloe Meineck, designer of the Music Memory Box will be showcasing her work at this year's Alzheimers Show at London's Olympia on 10-11 June. Chloe has also joined the