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DFF features on Omhu blog

Really delighted that our student design competition, “Designing for the Future”,  featured last week on the blog of US company, Omhu, designers of very beautiful walking sticks.

November 16, 2012 well hung mature men

We’re always pleased to find like-minded people operating in the same spaces and spheres that Omhu moves in, and we just heard about this UK initiative called The Future Perfect Company. They happen to run a yearly “Designing for the Future” contest in conjunction with the University of Brighton, which “encourages student designers to think about the challenges and issues affecting the UK’s aging population – and to create innovative and attractive designs which allow older people to continue to live enjoyable, active, and independent lives.” Some of the end products include an amazing-looking Music Memory Box which uses different stimuli to help those suffering from dementia to retrieve their identity. Quite frankly, we love this initiative and really hope to see more like this develop around the world.”