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Displacement Jug by Sophia Fong


We have just announced the winners of our second “Designing for the Future” competition held in conjunction with the University of Brighton. It was great to see that among the entrants were some of the students who had entered last year, now in their final year.

Sophia Fong was amongst this final year cohort. Last year, she produced the beautiful wooden Pill Box. This year’s work is similarly elegant and explores how liquids can be measured by eye rather than by recourse to fiddly and often difficult to read callibrations.

The Displacement Jug works by placing  different sized stones into a 1 litre jug to reduce its capacity by displacing the water. This transforms the jug into a playful measuring tool whilst still retaining its functionality and accuracy.

best dating app punjabIn the same series, the “Graduating Carafe” measures identical amounts of liquid within variously shaped sections, allowing the user to literally ‘see’ how much liquid they are using.

The  Mix Tumbler” has a fixed 25ml section within it which can be used to easily quantify a standard measure. A practical answer to fussy measuring of spirits or cordial.

All beautifully simple, elegant designs.