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Inaugural exhibition for Image of the Week artist

One of the most popular works in our Image of the Week arts project, was this wonderful photograph, Seascape 2001 11 by Steve Gallagher. And it was fantastic to see it take its place as part of Steve’s inaugural exhibition at his studio in Worthing.

Steve Gallagher is an American Photographer and Graphic Designer whose been greatly influenced by his studies of Visual Design at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).

Steve spent the beginning of his career as a fashion photographer in Chicago, Miami and New York. It was in New York where he discovered the power of graphic design which became his career for the past twenty years. His recent move to within view of the seafront in Worthing has prompted a return to photography.

Steve was very keen to support the Image of the Week project :

I grew up in the very middle of America in a town named Marshalltown, Iowa. Even though it was a great place to grow up it offered very little in the form of ‘art’ other than my high school art class. It wasn’t until after leaving Marshalltown and attending university I discovered my love for the arts and what it could bring to my life. My entire life now has always in some way had an association with the arts and I think how wonderful it would have been to have had a program such as ‘Image of the Week’ in place while growing up.  When the concept for the ‘Image of the Week’ program was first presented to me I didn’t hesitate to offer whatever support I could. To be asked to contribute artwork and hearing the wonderful feedback has been an extra bonus. I wish this program all the success and hope it touches people’s lives in the same way art has done throughout mine.

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