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Launch of Flo, the Salvador Dali of walking sticks

A new walking and standing stick is about to be launched into the independent living sector by REthinkthings Ltd, a design led product brand led by Ilsa Parry who originally designed the product whilst being filmed for a BBC reality documentary.

“Flo” moves away from “traditional “medical” aesthetics in its design and actively seeks to introduce a new visual language to the industry”. It was conceived by Ilsa Parry when she took part in (and won) “Design for Life” , a student design competition run with Philippe Starck who dubbed it the “Salvador Dali stick”.

“Flo” strives to offer an alternative tool for transfer and mobility that is multifunctional, super strong, lightweight, elegant and funky all at the same time. The product has an innovative USP as it wraps around the lower leg, locking it in position whilst employing upper body strength to allow the user to lever themselves out of a chair, it can then be used as a walking cane.

Flo” will be launched at Naidex international independent living show at Birmingham NEC on the 1st May 2012. It is available in 6 vibrant colours made from carbon fibre and includes an elegant and replaceable foot bung for grip and a wrist strap, both of which are available in custom colours. The product is designed to support up to 25 stone in weight when transferring from seated to standing and comes with a lifetime guarantee on functionality. The recommended retail price is a rather eye watering £299.

Having watched “Design for Life”, I have eagerly awaited this product and Ilsa Parry is to be congratulated in bringing this product to market in under 3 years. I love the scuptural quality of the design and the range of colours. The independent living market is sorely in need of designers like Ilsa Parry who are keen to rethink how we do things and offering new and interesting solutions. I, for one, will be making a beeline to her stand at Naidex next month to give “Flo” a try.