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More designs from 2010 Competition

Ready for some more designs? Next up is something a bit more conceptual.

Pet by Jono Redden

Jono Redden

Jono’s starting point was that we all need to stay in touch with those close to us to avoid feeling lonely so he has designed a light which serves as a reminder of when we need to contact a friend and re-establish that connection.

The product is a light box with a cord. Pull the cord a certain length depending on the amount of time intended, say a week or a month. As the cord, retracts, LEDs light up one by one revealing a flower-like pattern. As it brightens, the light acts as a passive reminder to reconnect with someone close to you.

An elegant idea. What do you think?

Miranda Holms and Hanna Crick

Miranda and Hanna were interested in how “meals on wheels” were delivered and in particular, wanted to re-design the serving bowls to make supper an altogether more stylish and enjoyable affair. Their supper tray is functional but also very attractive. The two handled tray provides stability for the user, leaving one hand free to open doors and manoeuvre around other obstacles. The bowls are angled to aid self service for the less dexterous and are also inset on the tray to provide extra stability, preventing spills or breakages.

A nice touch is the bud vase in the centre of the tray designed to hold seasonal flowers.

A lovely addition to anyone’s kitchen. What do you think?