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More winning designs from Collyers design students


And the runners up were…

Joint Second: James Delve

The Boiling Mug is intended to challenge many of the issues associated with ageing, such as problems with manual dexterity.  Additionally the product is intended to reinvent the way in which we think about creating a hot drink, while increasing the energy efficiency of the task, and removing the possibility of the user scalding themselves.

The product is based around an aesthetically pleasing stainless steel base plate, onto which the user places their mug full of cold water. When the mug is placed onto the base plate, a charge is transmitted through electromagnetic induction into the boiling element, boiling the mug of water. This use of technology means that the base plate does not get hot to touch and is therefore safe to use.  Only the required amount of water is heated meaning that energy is not wasted through boiling unnecessary quantities of liquid.  Another advantage of this product is that there is not a transfer of hot water from different containers, but only cold water from tap to mug.


Joint Second: Jessica Chapman

Final Glass DesignThe Grip Glass is an ordinary drinking glass, which has had its shape adapted to make it non-slip, easier to grip and so hold. The glass has grooves for the thumbs and fingers which enable the user to grip the glass easily.  The glass fits in with other quality kitchen products as it is aesthetically pleasing due to its colours and patterns as well as having attractive and quirky  smoothly rounded grooves for fingers and thumbs.




dating profiles for guysJoint Second: Andrew Marsh

My product is designed around the theme of reach and encompasses a wide range of everyday reaching tasks. It is mainly a long handled hairbrush, however it has interchangeable attachments consisting of a hairbrush, dresser hook and shoe horn. These attach to the handle by easily locking or screwing into place. Further attachments could be developed to increase its usability.  It is ergonomically designed using simple shapes which would appeal to a wide target audience, as well as the handle having a good grip making it comfortable to hold.  Another unique feature of this product is that the handle is able to bend into different angles and positions to help even further with the everyday tasks, making the user more independent.

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