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Stylish yet comfortable shoes – the ultimate list?

So, Summer is behind us. How did your Summer sandals pan out? Find a new favourite brand?

Is this still the definitive list of stylish but comfortable women’s shoes or do you have some more favourites to add?

1. Marks & Spencer Footglove range

These are a firm favourite. Comfortable shoes in smart designs at reasonable prices.

2. Hotter

Hotter shoes are made by a family company in Lancashire and are all about “delivering comfort and style”.  Having only been available online, Hotter have recently been opening more and more shops. I had the chance to try out a pair of Hotter’s Valettas and was impressed by both their comfort and style.

3. FitFlops

Recommended to me by a friend awaiting a foot operation, FitFlops are part of the new wave of footwear promising exercise whilst you walk. FitFlop sandals wearers have apparently also reported relief from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, chronic back pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, RLS (restless leg syndrome), scoliosis and degenerative disc disease. I’ve not tried them myself but they may be worth checking out if you have problem feet.

4. Wolky

This is a Dutch company (which delivers to the UK) and its shoes are not cheap – but they are by far the most fashionable range of designs I have seen for so-called “comfort” shoes (shouldn’t they all be?!).  And their boots look great too. most active dating app in my area

5. Josef Seibel

Shoes which I am told are “stylish – no good for wearing with a floaty summer skirt, but look great with a denim or cord skirt. Soooo comfortable too”  They are also sold through other shoe retailers (They did have a flagship store at 37 Neal Street, London and two factory stores at The Bishops Centre, Taplow and Meadowland Retail Park, March but when I last checked I could not find these again).

6. Duo

Specialises in “well fitting shoes” and offers sizes 2-9 in 3 foot widths and 3 fitted boots styles available in foot size 2-9 and in up to 21 calf fittings

7. Crocs

Some of you love ‘em, others loathe ’em

8. Cinderella Shoes

An independent company run by Gina Hennessy  which carries a variety of styles ranging from size 8½ – 12 and more importantly different width fittings.

9. Katie Long Shoes

Also caters for women’s larger shoe sizes (from 7) and has a selection of wide fittings- .

10. Camper

Hanna contacted me to say : “Having just bought myself a pair in the sale, I can highly recommend Camper shoes. They are expensive, but really comfortable and well made. I think they are fashionable enough to appeal to younger and older generations”

11. Chie Mihara

Kate Codrington via Facebook says: “I’d go for shoe genius Chie Mihara every time, e-bay or sales”

12. Clarks – High street veterans, Clarks have upped their game in the past couple of years also. They have a great range of widths and sizes. Check out the Clarks Plus dual density cushioning and their fantastic collaboration with Liberty’s

13. Sargasso & Grey – NEW ENTRANT – Owner, Katie Owen recently contacted us about her new business, Sargasso & Grey which specialises in high heels for wider feet.  Worth checking out.

So, is the ultimate list or have we missed some? Where did you buy your favourite pair of shoes from?  Let us know.