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Update on student progress

As we are about to launch our “Designing for the Future” student design competition for the fourth year, I thought  it was a good time to give an update on the progress of some of our alumni :

Harry Trimble – Harry was the first winner of the Competition back in 2010 with his aimed at older parents. Having graduated from the University of Brighton with a first in 3D Design, Harry is currently Designer in Residence at London’s Design Museum.

Winner of the 2011 competition, unpopular dating sites in usa, also went on to graduate with a first and spent the last few months of 2012 exhibiting his work at TENT, 100% Design and Traces London.

Sophia Fong’s  Measuring carafe  from the 2011 Competition is now on sale in the Design Museum shop 

Designer Hanna Mawbey has been associated with the Competition since 2011. Hanna graduated with a MDes last Summer and is now focusing on producing her popular silver inhaler holder and other aesthetically pleasing medical aids. Her extraordinary prosthetic leg design was recently bought by the Aldrich Collection.

Chloe Meineck recently secured a Crafts Council residency to develop her beautiful musical memory box for people living with dementia. Chloe summed up the impact of the Competition on her work as follows :

“…‘Designing for the Future’ was a great opportunity for me. The competition guided my work in my last year of university, and does so today. Currently I am developing my dementia work on a residency with Crafts Council at Falmouth’s Academy for Innovation and Research. Also I am setting up a company to productise my research and prototypes. None of this could be achieved without Philippa’s competition and general enthusiasm for what she does. I hope the competition continues to grow and encourage more people to get involved with inclusive, sustainable and innovative design.”