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Belinda Bradley, Freelance Writer and Reminiscence Facilitator

Belinda Bradley has been facilitating activity sessions at the Age UK Bakewell day centre for over six years, sessions such as poetry writing, reminiscence and TimeSlips. TimeSlips is a form of storytelling that allows a person to be creative without the pressure of trying to remember and is great for people with dementia. Recently she


Peter Dale from South EastEngland Forum on Ageing (SEEFA) was one of our Designing for the Future judges this year and Philippa was delighted to be asked by him to join the AGE UK and SEEFA Policy Panel on Later Life and Ageing at the stunning Royal Air Force Club in London in November. SEEFA and Age UK

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Four ways to build quality and trust in the mobility market

Demographic changes and pressure on public finances are leading to radical changes in the statutory provision of assistive technology and mobility and disability equipment. Simple aids for daily living – such as walking sticks, mobility aids – are now increasingly appearing in a variety of existing and new channels. You only need to look in