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Students tackle faceblindness and memory loss

More designs here from our "Designing for the Future" student design competition. Prosopagnosia device by Isobel Goodacre Isobel Goodacre's design aims to help people with prosopagnosia, which is commonly known as face-blindness. Prosopagnosia affects approximately 2.5% of the population and can result from stroke, traumatic brain injury, or certain neurodegenerative diseases and culminates in the total loss of

Family Top Trumps and cups of tea

  Last week we announced the winners of our student design competitiion. “Designing for the Future” run by The Future Perfect Company in conjunction with the University of Brighton is now in its third year and encourages student designers to think about the challenges and issues affecting our ageing population – and to create

More student designs from this year’s DFF

Memory Decanter by Joshua Barnes Joshua's Memory Decanter is a decanter that provides access to a person’s digital archive. By scanning the QR codes that have been laser etched into the crystal decanter, the reader is then linked into an online data storage website created by the decanter’s original owner. Joshua explains : "This

Prosthetic leg and knitted crutches stand out at New Designers Show

Yesterday I went to New Designers 2012, which is the UK's most important graduate design exhibition. Top of my list of stands to visit was the University of Brighton stand featuring the work of Hanna Mawbey. Hanna has been involved with our "Designing for the Future" Competition since last year.  Her work focusses on making medical equipment aesthetically pleasing and