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More student designs from this year’s DFF

Memory Decanter by Joshua Barnes

Joshua’s Memory Decanter is a decanter that provides access to a person’s digital archive. By scanning the QR codes that have been laser etched into the crystal decanter, the reader is then linked into an online data storage website created by the decanter’s original owner.

Joshua explains : “This product addresses the issues of what we are meant to do with the huge amount of digital memories we build up over our life-times and how they can be passed on for future generations to access. The inspiration behind this project was looking at how objects and people are often associated with one another. I wanted utilize available technology such that an object could be associated with someone in its physical sense, while also having the ability to provide access to a digital memory bank.

I chose the form of a decanter, as it is an object that is strongly associated with heritage and celebration. The Memory Decanter (full of its original owners favorite drink) would be used by future generations to stimulate conversation about the person whose digital memories it holds, while everyone enjoys a fine glass of booze.”

Clock reminder by William Green

Clock reminder by William Green

Clock reminder by William Green

The idea behind this design is to encourage people to keep in regular contact with their families. The product comprises of 2 clocks, one of which is programmed to call the other at a certain time each day. Unlike a regular telephone, the clock contains a loudspeaker which allows family members to talk naturally and whilst they are doing other things, like cooking or supervising homework. This prevents contact phone calls from seeming like a chore and also allows other family members to join in.