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Student tackles loneliness

I was delighted to be invited to the University of Brighton Graduate Show this week, a fantastic showcase of student creativity and talent which annually turns the Grand Parade campus into the biggest gallery on the South Coast. One of the reasons for my visit was to see the work of Design & Craft student,

Family Top Trumps and cups of tea

  Last week we announced the winners of our student design competitiion. “Designing for the Future” run by The Future Perfect Company in conjunction with the University of Brighton is now in its third year and encourages student designers to think about the challenges and issues affecting our ageing population – and to create

Brighton design students tackle loneliness in the elderly

We have just announced the winners of our second ”Designing for the Future” competition held in conjunction with the University of Brighton.  The students tackled many issues likely to affect us as we get older including loneliness. Third year Jono Redden became interested in the impact of light on mood and in particular loneliness when