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Students design for dementia, fall prevention and heart strain

This year’s Designing for the Future competition with the University of Brighton attracted a diverse range of entries. Runner up Nicole Andrews designed The Forget-Me-NOT!  which is aimed at, but not limited to, individuals with early stage dementia to help with memory issues. Nicole describes The Forget-Me-NOT! as follows : “Many people as they grow

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Digital compass aims to tackle ageism

Joint winner of this year’s Designing for the Future with the University of Brightonwas Eli Heath who designed Pebble, a digital compass which aims to tackle ageism head on. Eli describes his project as follows: “WHAT IS IT? Pebble is a hand-held, digital compass. Pebble tackles ageist material division and prejudice within product design.

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Designing for the Future tackles dementia and smart technology

This year’s Designing for the Future Competition invited students from the University of Brighton’s College of Arts & Humanities to develop innovative new products and design concepts to benefit people affected by dementia. A parallel project with students studying product design investigated smart technology. In each case, students were encouraged to produce design outcomes

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Partnering with Beta Futures

The Future Perfect Company has recently teamed up with Beta Futures to work on an exciting intergenerational project. Beta Futures aims to keep the lives of the 50+ in our society vibrant and worthwhile, making use of their skills and expertise they have gained over a lifetime. However, with the ageing population at its

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