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Students design for dementia, fall prevention and heart strain

This year’s saturday date nightattracted a diverse range of entries. Runner up Nicole Andrews designed The Forget-Me-NOT!  which is aimed at, but not limited to, individuals with early stage dementia to help with memory issues.

Nicole describes The Forget-Me-NOT! as follows : “Many people as they grow older will suffer in some way from natural cognitive decline. This product has many features including creating reminders for medication, emergency calling, photo album and contacting family members via face time or audio call. it is designed to be a stepping stone for people who are not very confident with technology. All the buttons perform simple easy to follow steps which quickly and simply takes you to the function you want. 

Being happy in every stage of life is important.  This product helps with independence which allows individuals to stay at home for longer and not feel like a burden to friends and family. As well as this the photo album and slide show allows the person to reminisce when the products reminders are not being used”.

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Balance Alert Device by Theodore Poole

Theodore Poole on the other hand, focused on wearable technology, designing a device to reduce falls in adults over 65. The product is a breathable and washable neoprene strap worn across the chest and fastened at the front which vibrates when the user becomes off balance. The vibration intensifies the more off balance the user becomes giving them the opportunity to correct their posture.

A keen sportswoman herself, Jessica Gordon Brown was concerned more about over rather than under exercising and designed Limitless a user friendly electronic wrist band which notifies the user through a series of vibrations if the physical activity they are taking part in, is putting a dangerous amount of strain on the heart. Jess explains : “The user can go about their daily as well as physical sporting activities with peace of mind that they will not overstrain their body.  With an automated start up system all the user has to do is snap the band on say their age and press the button. Simple accessible interface,  no fuss and when they are done all they have to do is take it off.  No OFF switch required.

Relatives of the user can have a worry free day, as everything they need to know is available at the touch of a button. Limitless connects to a relative’s phone and sends them a live update of where the band user is (GPS) what their heart rate is, and alerts them if it hits a dangerous level so they can check up on the user whether that being a phone call, text message or in person to see if they are ok.”