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Abstract Art at Eastbourne’s Drug of Art Workshops

Abstract art was the topic for Year 5 children from Bourne Primary School in Eastbourne at the recent Drug of Art x Michael Aldrich Foundation workshops.

Experienced art facilitator and artist, Gina Leonard worked with 65 children to produce their own unique works of abstract art. As part of the process, the children learned how to use a viewfinder to look for line, shape and pattern and how to draw using both charcoal and pastels. The students were encouraged to “show” their final pieces to the class.

Bourne School is the first School of Sanctuary in the South East and has high refugee numbers. Gina was keen to show the children that:

art is for everyone and that no expensive materials are really required, something a simple as a pen and paper can be the start of a great piece of work.

The Drug of Art workshops aim to use creativity to build confidence and resilience in children :

The children were all exploring a new idea of how to create a piece of artwork. if they weren’t happy with their work along the way, they were encouraged¬†to try again until they were happy with the outcome.

In the introductory session, approximately a quarter of the class put up their hands when asked if they didn’t think they were good at art. At the end of the session only 2 children put up their hands..