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Active Minds runs workshop for DFF

We were delighted to welcome back of Design, Alice Osborne, who this week ran a workshop for our Designing for the Future students at the University of Brighton.

Since 2010 Active Minds have been researching, designing and developing activities to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia.

Our mission is and will continue to be, to create positive, mindfully designed, human-centred activity products and games to help people lead active lives

Alice gave the students a fascinating insight into the way Active Minds develop their award winning products with a huge emphasis on research and testing. Particularly interesting is the new range of Sensory activities which help stimulate personal memories for those living with dementia. Active Minds’ Sensory activities are an innovative and creative way of using multiple sense to spark conversation with people who would otherwise have been impossible to reach.

The Designing for the Future students are now at a stage where they have chosen an area of enquiry and are beginning to develop their product ideas. Using her industry and design expertise, Alice was able to give them all individual feedback which is invaluable at this stage of the project.


Update May 2022 : Active Minds have since rebranded as jewish zoom dating

Alice Osborne has gone on to found design agency, Ageable which seeks to redesign how we age, live and care.



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