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Ellihome takes on the assisted living market

We are always thrilled to see new entrants to the assistive technology market.

I came across today which has been founded by sisters Olivia Robertson & Clare Cooper. Their vision is to increase the independence and wellbeing of older people by creating beautifully designed, high quality Assisted Living products.

Olivia is a registered Occupational Therapist with over 30 years’ experience. Clare has spent her professional life specialising in the finance & management of the arts and creative industries.

“The idea for grew out of our personal experience of setting up The Home Straight, ellihome’s sister company, which specialises in helping older people move, downsize & age in place.

With increasing numbers of our older clients choosing to stay safe & independent in their own home for as long as possible & decreasing State support to enable them to do so, we could see a consumer market for assisted living products primed for growth.

Combining this opportunity with the surprising absence in the market of well designed, high quality assisted living products crystallised our idea for ellihome”

Olivia and Clare have designed their launch range of assisted living products for older & less able people in collaboration with the award winning Glasgow based product development company Filament PD.

Called ‘Lintrathen‘ after one of their favourite East Perthshire haunts, this first range includes a Toilet Surround, two designs for Shower Stools and four designs for Grab Rails.  Products in the pipeline include three new designs for Chair Raisers & a second bathroom suite of Toilet Surround, Shower Stool & Grab Rail in another distinctive design called Balintore, which will be available in 2019.

Assistive technology is a really challenging market but there is an enormous need for this sort of well designed equipment and we will be following progress carefully.

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