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Enayball – helping wheelchair users get creative

This week I had the pleasure of meeting up again with Designing for the Future alumni, Eli Heath and Pete Barr now Designers in Residence at the University of Brighton where they are developing their idea for a tool to help wheelchair users express themselves creatively.

Enayball is a painting device which transforms wheelchairs into creative tools, offering an accessible, intuitive and immersive art experience.

The enayball attaches to wheelchairs and paints on the floor in front of the user as they move. It is designed to fit all types of wheelchairs and can be used at home or in a workshop setting. With 360 degree movement, the enayball translates the smallest movements of the wheelchair into precise, powerful strokes.

This exciting design won a Blackwood Design Award last year for Best New Concept and Eli and Pete  are about to start an accelerator programme to help bring the product to market. Interesting times ahead.