Enayball Workshop for the Drug of Art project

Having closely watched the development of their accessible art tools since they were students at the University of Brighton , we were delighted to invite Eli and Pete of Enayball to run a workshop as part of the Drug of Art project. Alison Lapper is an enthusiastic supporter of Enayball, acting as brand ambassador..

Working with the White Lodge Centre in Chertsey, Enayball designed a multi person accessible workshop which featured small table-based art creation and both individual and group large-scale floor based art, all using the Enayball tools. Also included were activities suggested by research conducted by Dr Dominik Havsteen, Professor of Practice (Arts Therapies) such as art in response to music, a visual conversation between carer and user and a squiggle game whereby the carer helps to complete the squiggle as a figurative form.

The experience was much enhanced by the art materials generously supported by Cass Art.

Explains Eli: We used a variety of paper including pads and roll out sheets, brush pens, posca pens, fineliners, felt tips, brushes, sharpies and more. While the workshop could have been run with less diversity of drawing equipment, the capacity for the participating artists to choose between such a wide selection of mediums was very valuable and enabled a greater level of agency in the art creation experience. 

This workshop focussed on accessibility, serving as a reminder that everyone can need support with maintaining their mental health.

The workshop provided people who are unable to use traditional art equipment with the resources to do so. The custom activities suggested by Dr Dominik Havsteen enabled us to work with the participants in a manner conducive to supporting their mental health