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First conference for Eastbourne – designed for all

The Future Perfect Company has been a member of the Eastbourne Designed for All campaign since it began.

“Eastbourne Designed for All – is a campaign to help businesses in Eastbourne meet local consumers’ needs more effectively. It has developed an Inclusive Design Checklist for business self-assessment. It has introduced Eastbourne’s own Community Toilets Scheme

On 20th October, EDA held their first conference at the View Hotel in on Eastbourne’s sea front.  The event featured experts talking about ways in which businesses can incorporate inclusivity and the benefits of being inclusive. Speakers included the Directors of EDA, Kelvin Grimes from Clos-O-Mat, and Lorraine Gaily, CEO of Hearing Link.

As you know, The Future Perfect Company and the Designing for the Future project revolves around the belief that inclusive design is about designing for everybody without stigmatising any group.  It was great to see local businesses showing their support for inclusivity and the event is hopefully the first of many.

Thanks for having us Eastbourne Designed for All!

Footnote : Eastbourne Designed for All has since rebranded as Inclusive Eastbourne






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