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Kindeo – a home for your stories

I was fortunate a couple of weeks ago to meet up with Seb Royce of gay dating apps sydney who demonstrated this new story telling app.

Your family’s memory box

With the Kindeo iPad app, you create short videos about your life with questions and helpful prompts to guide you. We store all your videos safely for you, to keep and share with your family whenever you like.

I really like this app. I have seen numerous other attempts at this sort of story capture but Kindeo has a nice feel to it, with non-stigmatising, intuitive design and an accessible price point. My family memories are scattered through old video films, numerous photo albums and photos lost on smart phones and digital cameras. It did strike me that Kindeo allows the family memory keeper to collate and narrate all those images and information through video to save the family stories for both present and future generations.

With more and more interest in family story telling –  from ancestry buffs, to people living with dementia, to therapists using story telling with clients, to people trying to reclaim family history from the ephemera of social media – this is a good time for a well designed, intelligent app to enter the market.

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