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Joint Second: Lucy Martlew

The Light Bulb Changer is designed to help people who are less dexterous, disabled or have difficulties using a step ladder to change a light bulb. This innovative product has a silicon finger print grip on the claw providing a strong and safe way to hold the bulb; a handle moulded to the shape of a hand to aid human grip; and a light weight structure which can rotate and has integral lights. This modern yet simple design is an easy and safe way to change a light bulb.

Joint Second: Lauren Hale

This Soap Holder has been designed to help meet the needs of the older generation. The bathroom can be an unsafe environmentSoap sword - blog so I have designed a product which allows older people to use soap without fear of dropping the soap, slipping over it in the shower and risking injury.

The two handles make the product easier to hold for people suffering from physical problems, such as arthritis. The soap is attached to the product by a plastic screw. The extended bar allows older people to wash their feet and backs easily without having to move too much or bend over.