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RSA Design Awards

2013 is turning out to be another busy year! As well as running the Designing for the Future competition with the Faculty of Arts, University of Brighton, I have been invited to judge the RSA Student Design Awards and in particular the category, The Good Journey.

The Good Journey brief, sponsored by NCR, challenges students to make people look forward to their daily commute. As a former commuter (a four hours round trip on a bad day), this is a topic close to my heart and I look forward to seeing the entries.

There are a number of other interesting categories in the RSA Student Design Awards, all of which address important social, environmental and economic issues, such as the workplaces and working conditions of the future (Workplace 2030); how we can improve our understanding of water and its value in our society (Valuing Water); how design might help answer questions about spirituality (Speaking of the Spiritual); and how designers can use their communication skills to promote sustainable living (Change Makers).

I am really delighted to be asked to be involved again and will let you know what happens.