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Ten ways to make creativity pay

Earning a living as an arts graduate can be daunting. If that full time design job does not appeal here are ten suggestions as to how to make money :

  1. Sell your work online, in shops or galleries
  2. Take a pitch at a local makers market
  3. Sell at exhibitions and pitch for public and private commissions
  4. Run workshops such as ceramist Finola Maynard’s, successful Pop Up Pottery
  5. Assist in the studios of more established artists
  6. Take on contracts from other larger businesses
  7. Teach or lecture at art colleges
  8. Enter art competitions/challenges with a prize fund
  9. Apply for grants – hookup dating websites, local government funds, Arts Council are all good places to start especially if there is a social enterprise element to your business
  10. Work part time – a flexible part time job such as bar work can be essential to survival in those early years.